The Paris Review, Still Weird on Top


1985 Artists, Barry Gifford: Beyond Wild at Heart


VICE on BEYOND WILD AT HEART, Oct. 20, 2014.


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Shane Jensen and Tyler McClain's film THE WAY THE CROW FLIES was an Indie Project of the Day. July 15, 2013


"Gloriously funny but also wickedly insightful...Lurking beneath the almost farcical hilarity is a bundle of 20th century angst...” - The New York Post on Richard Dresser's Below the Belt


"The way Barry Gifford lets people talk articulates everything about their unfamiliar inner lives, and ours."-- Boston Globe


“I love Do the Blind Dream?—a wonderful and delightful piece that tastes of Buñuel and Cocteau.” – Pedro Almodóvar


"Gifford is a master."-- Los Angeles Times


"Gifford, a master of the short story and nasty vignette, can sum up in a few words the cruelty, horror, and crushing banality that shape an entire life."-- New York Times Book Review


“Director Alexandra Siladi’s dark and moody staging deepens the jaded view of the men’s microcosm...The production is stunning from the first moment to the last.” -- Karen Totora-Lee, The Happiest Medium


"5 Things to Know Before You Go: The American Play." -- The Happiest Medium